An icon of the outdoors, Kathmandu was not looking to change but to reinvent their stores, the way they merchandised and was looking for a team to challenge what they knew about the way they retailed. N+N were chosen to take them on this journey, which continues today.

The N+N Team took the various formats that Kathmandu delivered their stores under and evolved all areas of the design, from materials to category features, their story-telling and touch points for the customer.

The highly acclaimed fixture suite that incorporates the brand icon was critical to this process, which not only captured evolution in the way the brand merchandised, but future-proofed their growth over the coming years, validating the upgrade across the network.

Sustainability is at the core of the Kathmandu brand and none more so than within the retail stores. N+N worked closely with the Green Building Council and internal teams to re write the Sustainability Benchmarks for Kathmandu Retail, setting the course towards carbon neutrality.